Monday, October 23, 2006

8th Month Anniversary

Exactly 8 months ago today I started what I then dubbed the jb100. Following johnboy's lead my goal was to exercise 100 days straight… no days off, no excuses… 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day for 100 days. In the back of my mind I wanted to make exercise stick permanently, but I knew it was too big a chunk to bite off initially… and probably still is.

I am now at 243 days or 8 months 1 day minus the 1 day I missed in July. So given the duration what are the results?

Well I feel great. I’ve toned up, but my girth still isn’t exactly where I want it. I had to buy more jeans recently and was able to get into a 34” waist comfortably. I had been wearing 34’s before but so tightly that it caused the material to eventually tear at the back pocket gusset. I’m still in a 35 dress pant but here again much more comfortably than I was before.

I could probably drop back to my goal of a 33 waist if I cut back on my diet a little. Over the summer I let my daily carb count slip up to the 150 – 165 gram range from my usual 120g. With all the fresh fruit around and not to mention my arch nemesis-- ice cream I’ve let the carb count rise. So far this fall I’ve cut back a little but still not to where I need for further reduction.

The benefit I enjoy most from exercising everyday is predictability of insulin. A 1.5 unit correction bolus will adjust my blood glucose level downward 50 mg/dl every time. Before exercising so regularly I got into S.W.A.G. bolus periods, where doubling and sometimes tripling the correction bolus wouldn’t effect my sugar levels in a predictable manner. This is currently not an issue… woohoo!

I hope the next time I write about this is at the successful celebration of the one year mark.


Blogger Johnboy said...

Keith, congratulations! I had no idea you were still streaking!

I have to say that you have certainly taken this thing to a new level. A comfortable 34 is a good thing in and of itself, but I'm sure it's good to note some other benefits of being in shape.

While I stopped counting days and ocassionally miss a day every few weeks, you are reminding me that it was late October of last year that I started my committment to fitness.

Great job, man!

3:06 AM  
Blogger Lyrehca said...

Congratulations! 100 days of exercise is a terrific achievement. Good luck on approaching the one-year mark.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

johnboy & lyrehca:
Thanks for the congratulatory notes! I've known for years that consistant exercise was something I desperately needed to incorporate into my schedule and as anticipated, it is paying big dividends.

Not to be smug or conceited but it is very gratifying to look in the mirror and see a flat belly (OK, well almost). It's also great to know that I'm doing just about everything possible to live well with D (I just need a CGMS to complete the picture).

Johnboy, thanks for providing the inspiration to get this thing kicked off!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You continue to inspire. Awesome job!

6:55 AM  
Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

WAY TO GO KEITH!!! Wow!! That is really, really great man.

I'm super proud of you! And not only for taking the streak FAR beyond the original 100 days, but for allowing JB to inspire you and get you started, and for continuing to run with it.

A very big accomplishment, and you should feel good about feeling good.

And thank you Johnboy for getting Keith started!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

Vivian and Scott:
Thanks so much for the accolades! I'm a little surprised myself that I've made it this far. I've been doing it long enough now that my family will ask, "OK, Pops are you going to run, row or ride tonight?". That's their subtle way of saying, it's time to get going (generally happens later in the evening, if I haven't already exercised).

Sometimes and idea or concept will hit at just the right time to make an impact. A need wrapped in just the right phraseology... I think that's what happened w/the jb100.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Very impressive, indeed.
Keep up the great work!

(oh, and by the way: ice cream is my arch-nemesis too -- can't even have it in the house or I'll eat it for breakfast!).

7:01 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

Thanks Kevin! I've done it one day at a time. There's been several days I almost missed but just hung in there and made it happen. Now I've got enough momentum going it's almost hard to miss.

Yes, ice cream is deadly, especially any kind that has big chunks of chocolate! Mmmmmmm!

7:57 AM  

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