Monday, May 29, 2006

The Blood Donation

Last weeks blood donation went off without a hitch. I thought my T1DM status would flag me for some 'off to the side' questions outside the battery of normal ones. It didn’t. In fact, noone seemed to care.

My goal was to go into the donation process with a bG as close to 100 as possible. I was almost thwarted in this as I awoke Saturday with a bG of 221. After administering a correction bolus and eating a modest breakfast I was off. At an in route stoplight I took a reading – 75. I had about 15 minutes of IOB from the correction bolus and an hours worth from breakfast. I did a quick check-in with my hypo sensors, but everything felt fine. I was a little concerned nonetheless

Fortunately, shortly after beginning the reading/sign-your-life-away process a lady came around asking if we wanted anything to drink. I immediately snagged a small OJ (21 grams of carb) and relaxed.

The rest of the time was uneventful. I gleened some tips from Ryan Bruner in his post about donating. Because of his dehydration issues I took it upon myself to drink plenty of fluids the day before as well as that morning. I filled the bag in a little over 10 minutes. I felt slightly dizzy upon initially standing, but otherwise I was fine.

My readings have been pretty erratic this week, but I actually think this has more to do with allergies and the sickeningly sweet smelling shrub blooming beside our house (and all over town) than it does with blood donation.

My advice is to give if you can. It seems the general consensus, around here anyway, is the available supply of clean donors is dwindling. This may be the reason they’re now allowing T1DMs to donate. I don’t really know. Regardless, I hope this small act will help someone in their own health crisis.


Blogger Val said...

Congratulations! I used to donated blood regularly, what killed it was not the T1DM dx, but 10 months in Europe, which puts me in the Mad Cow pool (although if I haven't come down with it in 17 years, you'd think at some point they'd let me give blood again...)

5:10 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

Sorry you can no longer give, val. I spent a week in Hungary 3 years ago. That fact sent them scurrying for their books, but evidently was not a disqualifier.

6:09 AM  
Blogger julia said...

I lived in England and can't donate either. I guess I'm a Mad Cow, too. ;-) If they ever tell me I'm no longer mad, then I'll happily donate.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Penny said...

Way to go Keith. More people need to donate blood. I donate when I can. It's so simple and it helps someone else so much.

3:55 PM  
Blogger KJ said...

Am I the only one that thought I couldn't donate blood as a T1 diabetic? I guess I automatically assumed that my blood wouldn't be welcome. After all, I don't wish this on anyone. But after reading Keiths post, it totally makes sense to me now. I will definitely check it out now. Thanks for the clarification! :-)

5:10 PM  

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