Thursday, February 23, 2006

On Track

I'm still on track to begin the 100 days next Wednesday, March 1st. I had good bike rides on Sunday and Tuesday evenings and did 30+ minutes on the Treadmill on Monday. I took last night off just to rest my legs a little as my hamstings and calves are pretty tight in spite of the fact that I've been trying to stretch at every possible opportunity. On Tuesday evening's ride I felt strong and kept the trainer on my current high setting for an extra five minutes. That made 32 minutes total.

I'm in the process of determining my schedule before Wednesday's kick off. I want to take at least one day off between now and then. I'm thinking it will probably be Monday... that will be four days straight before kickoff. However, if I feel good on Monday then may take Tuesday off, to make five straight. I'll see how it goes.

The awesome effects of exercise have shown themselves. For most of the week I've been between 75 and 140, except for last night when we had homemade pizza. I'd been famished all day for no apparent reason and I overate. That fact combined with the high fat meal made bolusing difficult and I awoke at 200 this morning. I'm thinking about getting an OTC A1C kit next week to give me a baseline, especially since I had to reschedule my January Endo appt and now can't get in till late April.

I'm off to the trainer. I have the old Sony B&W TV set up so I can watch the Olympics while I pedal. This is the Lady figure skating's big night. It's the first time I can't bring myself to root for the good ole USA's top contender. Sorry folks, my blood runs red, white and blue but her attitude is just outright arrogant. Oh well, you know what they say, 'Pride goes before a fall'...... literally.


Blogger Shannon said...

I think you're doing great!

Although I've been getting in my 30 minutes of cardio each day, I'm still working on a toning regimen that will work with my schedule.

I found that the one I made up was too ambitious for during the week, so I'm leaving it for the weekends. For now, I plan to do one exercise per body part during the week just to keep the muscle tone.

It seems my routine is always changing, which I guess can be a good thing too.

6:04 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

I'm going to have to find a toning regimen too. I want to do something more than sit-ups/crunches but that might have to do, at least for now. One of my main goals is to lose a few inches off the waist, and I think it's going to take more than just aerobics to do that, especially since my BMI is about right already.

2:44 PM  

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