Saturday, January 21, 2006


We've all had them, you know, that bG reading that just didn't make any sense. Not very often am I still perplexed by an event that happened three days ago, but this is one.

I really try to keep my carb levels consistant from day to day. Yes, I break over occasionally, but as a general rule I keep it at 30-30-60... 30 grams for breakfast/lunch and 60 for supper. I've found this keeps my readings from swinging wildly and it keeps my waistline under control too. It's all good.

We've been on an oatmeal kick around here recently, so it's no wonder I got up thinking about it as a possible breakfast option. As I studied the label it revealed, 1 serving equals 27 grams of carb. Ok, that's more than I want to eat as we still have some great navel oranges we bought to support the local high school band and I want at least part of one for breakfast. I cut the oatmeal recipe in half, so 1/4 cup dry oatmeal and 1/2 cup water and into the nuclear accelerator. After the ding and a quick taste, I discovered it needed some sweetening and a little liquid. I added approximately 2 tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar. As Goldilocks said, "... and it was just right." Sure, by adding the accouterments, I upped the carb count a little so I'll compensate and only eat 1/2 an orange, still keeping within my 30 gram limit. I was good to go for the morning.

Lunch time rolled around and for some crazy reason I didn't test. I'm not sure why. I always test before lunch, but this time I didn't. Go figure. Anyway, the night before we had set some my wife's cure-all chicken-noodle soup out of the freezer to thaw. She's been battling a wicked chest cold all week and we were hoping the soup would do for her what it always does for me--cure all. We each sat down to 1 cup. Again I approximate from rough calculations and previous exprerience-- 30 grams and bolus accordingly.

About mid-afternoon, while working my way through the book SQL Server 2000 for Visual Basic Developers, I notice I'm fuzzy headed and can NOT concentrate. Time to test. 335! Yeow!!! Where did that come from?

After three days, I still haven't figured it out. Sometimes I spike before getting sick and with my wife having a bad cough this week I first thought I might be headed down that road. So far I'm still healthy. I didn't have any unbolused snacks that morning . Working from home it's tempting to graze in the kitchen while getting a refill/reheat on the ole black nectar... but not this day. I did change infusion sets Thursday morning. Maybe this is it. As I write this I'm coming to the conclusion that this is the most likely culprit. Although I just checked the prime history and I show a 5.9 for infusion set prime and .3 for post-insertion canula prime. In three years of pumping I have never knowingly had a bubble but that's certainly a possiblity. I guess I'll have to leave it at that.

Fortunately, a 7.5 unit bolus brought everything back to normal in a little over an hour. TGFBB (Thank goodness for Banting and Best) and it was back to the book!


Blogger Elizabeth Snouffer said...

Wow, 7.5 bolus? That would knock me out...

What is your BG one hour later?


By the way I responded to you last commment...I want your feedback! I appreciate it!

9:30 AM  
Blogger Keith said...


I take a 1.5 unit/50 mg/dl correction bolus so at 7.5 units I was technically taking a little more than necessary. I usually don't hypo in these situations and I didn't that day either. As I recall I was in the neighborhood of 175 an hour later.

2:17 PM  
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