Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Music Meme

I seem to be late to respond the these memes and this seems to be no exception. I started responding quite a few days ago and for some reason didn't get it published. I was tagged by 'G-Money' George over at The Born Again Diabetic (B.A.D.) Blog. So here goes with my top 5 selections in Christmas music.

My bottom 4 are pretty easy as they are all Transiberian Orchestra songs. In fact you could list any of the songs off the Christmas Eve and Other Stories CD and you would pick songs I really like, but I'll list my favorites for you.

5. Good King Joy - This is a great song, it starts really slow and mellow and then builds till about 3:00 minutes it breaks into a blusey, dialected narrative of the Christmas story. Great stuff!

4. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)

3. The First Noel

2. Prince of Peace

1. Holy Night - My mom was a public school music teacher and was responsible for the musical portion of several PTA programs throughout the year. She taught at a different school than I attended. Regardless, my attendance was mandatory, but I didn't really mind. She was a very good pianist and one year I heard her accompany a male teacher whose awesome bass voice really did justice to this song.

I cherish her memory every time I hear this song.



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This is a fascinating post! It could not have been expressed better.

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