Saturday, November 14, 2009

World Diabetes Day

The last couple of years, when I come to my blog I always notice that I haven't posted in a long time, this time no exception and that bothers me a little. I may be the only one but it seems like the diabetic community has become more fragmented. The advent of twitter and facebook has pulled many away (me included) from blogging. Instead, we hear 140 byte snippets about what's going on in people's lives rather than a fully developed thought. Not good or bad, just different I suppose.

In a little under three months I will celebrate by 41st D anniversary. It seems like just a few short years ago, it was uncommon to bump into folks who had reached that milestone, now it's reasonably common. It's good that people are living long, healthly lives with T1 but quite frankly I'm tired of it. The week has been particularly trying and I've fought high blood sugars on and off all week and I know that affects my attitude. But still I ask, can't we find a cure?

I almost feel guilty for asking that. A 22 year old friend of ours has Muscular Dystrophy and probably doesn't have too much longer to live and here I am bitchen' about diabetes. I am thankful there are groups attempting to find a cure for MD for his sake and thankful there are groups trying to find a cure for diabetes. Hopefully before too long we can look back on both of these diseases and talk about them in the past tense.

I hope this World Diabetes Day finds you well. Many of you have done a great job spreading awareness today and that is sooo important especially to those who have T2 and don't know it. And for those of us with Type 1 let's keep pressing on till we find that cure!