Sunday, October 05, 2008

Its Been Too Long

I went to post a while back and couldn't believe how long it had been. It felt like a couple of months but I couldn't believe it when I saw it had been Chrismas. Time flies when you're having fun I guess. Several of you have stopped by to check on me and I'm grateful.

Well I'm thoroughly hacked at blogger this morning. I had a entry all ready to post and was checking out my links and lost it. I know this happens, but it happened back in September too and I, like most people, simply don't have time to recreate entries gone wrong.

I had a birthday back in September. This year (age year not calendar year) I will celebrate my 40th anniversary with diabetes. I'm doing OK, but I'll admit that the diabetes is more difficult to control of late than it was say two years ago. One reason I'm not exercising as frequently as I need to. I'm in desperate need of another 100 days of fitness that several of us disciplined ourselves to do. Secondly I'm eating little or no lunch. For the most part this is OK except somedays I go low in the late afternoon. I probably need to set my temp basal back .1 on these days. The larger problem is I come home famished and as you know that leads to overeating and the challenges of adjusting for that.

I've been hanging out over a Manny's place - tudiabetes lately. I came across a small group dedicated to summer camps for diabetics. I mentioned before that I went to Camp Sweeney for a couple of years right after my diagnosis and it was a great experience. Between all the support I received at home as well as at camp, I got the tools I needed to live healthfully with diabetes for these almost 40 years. I want to leave you with this cool Camp Sweeney video I found over at youtube. Camp is certainly not what it was, but nobody said it had to be. I love their rendition of Sweet Home Camp Sweeney a.k.a.Sweet Home Alabama.

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